• Anna-Louise Plowman is an actor known for her roles in “Father Brown”, “Agatha Christie's Marple”, and “The Witcher”.
• She studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and the Lecoq School.
• Her theatre career includes roles in “The Playboy of the Western World”, “Five Women Wearing the Same Dress”, and “Private Lives”.
• She and her husband Toby Stephens do charity work, including raising money for the victims of the fires in Australia in 2020.
• She has an estimated net worth of $6.2 million.

Anna-Louise Plowman is the star of such series as “Father Brown” and “Agatha Christie’s Marple”, and the wife of another famous actor, Toby Stephens. At the end of 2019 she played Zola in the new Netflix series “The Witcher”.

Early life and family

Anna-Louise Plowman was born on 9 May 1972, in Napier New Zealand, so her zodiac sign is Taurus. From her early years she was encouraged by her parents to follow her dream of becoming an actress. She attended drama classes while studying at school, and played in school musicals.

Educational background

Anna-Louise matriculated from Samuel Marsden Collegiate School located in Wellington in 1989, starting her education there in 1982. She then enrolled at London’s Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, and she also studied at the Lecoq School, located in Paris.


Theatre career

Anna-Louise debuted on the stage of Marsden Theatre in Richard Parker’s production entitled “The Playboy of the Western World”. Then she was invited to appear in Suzy Wilson’s “Musical Scenes” which she directed, with the Clod Ensemble.

Moving to London, Anna-Louise performed on the stage of Landor Theatre in Alex Cox’ “Desire Caught by The Tail”. Later Mark Walker invited Anna-Louise to appear in his production of “Salome” at the Canal Cafe Theatre, and Anna then appeared in Gillian Humphreys’ “A Celtic Journey” in The Barbican, London. She once played in “5 Women Wearing the Same Dress”, the production of Vital Theatre Company and in Provincetown Playhouse’ “Thirst”; both productions were performed in New York.

Getting back to England, Anna-Louise appeared in Irina Brown’s “Three Tall Women” at the Oxford Playhouse, and shared the stage with her husband, Toby Stephens in “Private Lives”, the production of Jonathan Kent in the Chichester Festival Theatre in 2012, and then in 2013 in Gielgud Theatre, West End – Anna-Louise played Sibyl Chase, while Toby played Elyot Chase.

Film career

Anna-Louise started with minor roles in 1995, and in short films such as “Vienna” and “Statue’s Refugee”, also appearing in an episode of the Channel 4 series, “Angels of Mercy”. Also in 1995 she landed the role of Beverley in “Faith in the Future” TV series, and then played a fairy in the fantasy drama “FairyTale: A True Story” in 1997.

In 2000 Anna-Louise appeared in several films, such as “Flick”, “The Adulterer” and “Seven Days” drama series. In 2003 Anna-Louise could be seen in “The Foreigner”, in which she played Meredith Van Aken, “Shanghai Knights”, in which she landed the role of a debutante, and “Cambridge Spies”, in which she played Melinda Maclean. The next year was also very productive for Anna-Louise, as she appeared in such series as “He Knew He Was Right” and “My Life in Film”, continuing with “Stargate SG-1”, in which she played Dr. Sarah Gardner from 2000. In 2005 Anna-Louise appeared as Diana Goddard in “Doctor Who” and as Lisa in “Days of Darkness”.

From 2006 to 2008 she landed roles in such movies as “These Foolish Things”, “Agatha Christie’s Marple: Sleeping Murder” and “Ultimate Force”. She also could be seen in the “Holby City” series in the role of Dr. Annalese Carson–Spence in a recurring role in the show, leaving in 2010, and then appearing as a guest star in 2012. Among her latest works there are “Father Brown” (2015), “The Eichmann Show” (2015) and “Billionaire Ransom” (2016).

Along her acting activities, Anna-Louise is also a narrator for multiple audiobooks, among them “Murder Mile” by Lynda La Plante.

Zola in “The Witcher”

In 2019 Anna-Louise appeared in two episodes of the new Netflix show “The Witcher” – “Before a Fall” and “Much More”, having landed the role of Zola, the wife of the farmer Yurga. According to the plot, Zola noticed Princess Ciri in the market of a small town where Ciri ran from her pursuer, Cahir. Zola tried to convince Ciri to follow her, and hide at her farm, but Ciri refused, and was traced by her former fellow countrymen, who eventually tried to attack her, but were stopped by Ciri’s magical power. Zola found Ciri in the morning after the attack and took her home, where Ciri was found by Geralt who, led by destiny, appeared to help Zola’s husband, Yurga, and also got to the farm.

Anna-Louise Plowman

The character of Zola had a different name in the book series by Andrzej Sapkowski. In the book “Sword of Destiny” Yurga’s wife was named Zlatulina, and was gently called Zlatulinka by her husband, and also had two sons (while in the series Yurga and his wife welcomed only one son). There is no information about Anna-Louise’ filming in the second season of the series, as her character is not playing any sufficient role in the further story line; however, there is still a chance she could be seen in more episodes in 2021, when the second season will be launched.

Personal life, husband Toby Stephens

Anna-Louise married actor Toby Stephens in 2001 after several years of dating him – they met during their studying at London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

The couple welcomed their first child in 2007, a son named Eli Alistair. In May 2009 Anna-Louise gave birth to their second child and their first daughter – Tallulah. In September 2010 their third child, Kura, was born.

Who is Toby Stephens?

Born 21 April 1969, in Fitzrovia, London, Toby Stephens belongs to the exalted family of Sir Robert Graham Stephens, the actor and star of “The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes”, and Dame Margaret Natalie “Maggie” Smith, who is also an actress with a long and reputable career, famous for her roles of Minerva McGonagall in the Harry Potter movie series and Patty Terwilliger Smith in “Hot Millions” (1968). Toby has an impressive theatre career, as he’s appeared in more than 20 theatre productions, among them “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (1994), “A Streetcar Named Desire” (1996), “The Country Wife” (2007), and many more.

One of his latest works was the role of Terje Rød-Larsen in the production of “Oslo”, played on the Lyttelton Stage of the Royal National Theatre in London, and also in Harold Pinter Theatre (former Royal Comedy Theatre), London. As to his TV career, he appeared in such series as “Poirot”, “Waking the Dead” and “Agatha Christie’s Marple”. He also played in such movies and mini-series as “All Things to All Men” (2013), “And Then There Were None” (2015) and “Summer of Rockets” (2019).


Anna-Louise does a lot of charity work along with her husband. They donated a signed copy of the script of their film “In Vitro” for auction to raise money for the victims of the fires in Australia in 2020.

The donation was announced by Anna Preis, who wrote in her Twitter account that it was a great honor to have Anna-Louise and Toby as helpers in that climate catastrophe, and the signed copy of the script was ‘a true rarity’. Anna-Louise is an advocate for people with a food allergy, raising awareness of such a problem around the world, and particularly protects people who have allergy to peanuts.


Anna-Louise has long naturally curly blonde hair and blue eyes. She is 5ft 11ins (1.80m) tall and weighs around 143lbs (65kgs); her vital statistics are 32-28-34.

Net worth and salary

As of 2020, Anna-Louise Plowman has an estimated net worth of $6.2 million,  and her husband, Toby Stephens, an accumulated a net worth of $5 million.

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