• Larry Caputo is reality television personality, businessman, and husband of Theresa Caputo.
• His estimated net worth is over $3 million.
• He met Theresa while working part-time for her family’s oil company.
• He has recently restarted his business endeavors and has a new business in wines.
• Since separating from Theresa, he has found someone new and has been focused on his business.

Who is Larry Caputo?

Larry Caputo was born on 31 August 1956, in New York City, USA, and is a reality television personality as well as a businessman, but perhaps better known for being the husband of Theresa Caputo. His wife is the star of the show “Long Island Medium”, and declares herself a psychic.

The Net Worth of Larry Caputo

As of mid-2024, Larry Caputo’s net worth is estimated at over $3 million, earned from working in the food importing industry, previously owning his own importing business before retiring, but recently restarting his business endeavors.

He also probably benefitted from the success of his ex-wife, who has a net worth estimated to be over $5 million.

Life and Career

Larry met Theresa while he was working part-time for her family’s oil company. He’s 11 years older than her, but the two quickly started a romance after getting to know each other. Theresa is very interested in psychics, and recalled a psychic telling her that she would meet a man who fitted Larry’s description.

After two years of dating, the two married in 1989, and had two children. Larry mainly worked in food importing, and started his own business which helped the family live a comfortable lifestyle. He eventually retired from work with enough money in his pocket. His popularity skyrocketed when Theresa started her show on TLC called “Long Island Medium”, which began airing in 2011. He gained a public life soon after, as he made occasional appearances in the show which led to a lot of fans admiring their relationship and family.

However, in 2017, the couple announced that they were separating after 28 years of marriage. They finalized divorce a year later, and he moved to Los Angeles to live on his own. Since then, he’s returned to business, starting a line of wines called Lorenzo Caputo.

Theresa Caputo and Long Island Medium

Larry’s ex-wife Theresa grew up in Long Island, New York alongside a brother – their father previously worked for the Nassau County Department of Public Works.

In 2011, she started gaining national attention for her work in “Long Island Medium” which frequently featured her husband up until recently. The show focuses on her being a self-proclaimed medium who can talk with the dead. She often meets clients in her area in Hicksville, and at times travels to clients in other areas. The show ran for 14 seasons. Larry and her children are known to have become used to her capability as a medium. She apparently saw ghosts when she was a child, and heard things others couldn’t, but then her capabilities changed when she got older.

Theresa Caputo

Despite a lot of criticisms surrounding the show, it has gained a lot of popularity, allowing the medium to expand her business reach, starting a jewelry line, and writing several books.

Long Island Medium Criticism

As with many self-professed or self-proclaimed psychics, there is a lot of skepticism surrounding her capabilities; many believe that her job as a medium is more likely a performance and a con. High profile television shows and publications have debunked her show, and labeled it as fictitious, including “Newsday”, “Inside Edition”, “Wired”, and even magician James Randi calling it an elaborate performance.

Other critics state that she’s more of a mentalist, learning things such as cold reading, with the show heavily edited to make it look like she is who she says she is. Of course a lot of her clients are eager to believe her, as do most people who seek out psychics for answers. The show has been divisive, with fans enjoying the entertaining content, while others feel uncomfortable about the entire idea. James Randi has abhorred her and the producers of the show, as it feels like a way to catch vulnerable people and take advantage of them.

People who have seen her perform live have noted her making many errors with her readings, and so-called communication with the dead.

Personal Life

Larry and Theresa were married for 28 years before they announced their separation – the decision was mutual as both felt that things had changed over time. They were no longer the same people they were when they first fell in love, and this led them to grow apart. Before separating, things were apparently very tense in their household.

After the separation, Larry moved to Los Angeles to find himself and get back on track. He’s mentioned to the media that he is seeing someone and even posted a photo online with a woman but which he quickly deleted. Since leaving Theresa, he’s been focused on developing his new business, and also spending a lot of time at the gym.

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