• Alice Matos, from Florianopolis, Brazil, was raised in an athletic family, engaging in sports like volleyball and soccer.
  • Inspired by Instagram fitness models at 25, Alice embarked on a fitness journey, participating in competitions and becoming a fitness model.
  • She founded her clothing line, Labellamafia, capitalizing on her entrepreneurial spirit and fitness fame.
  • Alice follows a strict fitness and diet regimen, including five weekly gym sessions and a clean diet.
  • She is married to Giuliano Puga, enjoys outdoor activities, and has a large following on social media, especially Instagram, where she shares lifestyle and fitness content.

Alice Matos Wiki Biography

Florianopolis, Brazil, welcomed Alice Matos on 24 March 1985. Proudly bearing Brazilian nationality, she has made a name for herself as both a fitness model and an Instagram sensation.

Childhood and education

Alice was born into a family of athletes, so she has sports in her genes – she hasn’t talked much about her parents and she doesn’t appear to have any siblings.

Alice grew up being involved in numerous sports, such as volleyball and soccer but wasn’t passionate enough about any of these to pursue it as a career.

She was somewhat popular during her high school years, due to her attractive looks and her already rather well-built figure, however, Alice was never happy with it and wanted to sculpt her body even more.

Full NameAlice Matos
What Known ForFitness model and Instagram sensation
ProfessionFitness model
OccupationFitness model, Entrepreneur
Net WorthApproximately $1 million
SpouseGiuliano Puga (married since November 2014)
Date of Birth24 March 1985
Zodiac SignAries
Place of BirthFlorianopolis, Brazil
Hair ColorLong brown hair
Eye ColorBrown
Height5ft 2ins (1.57m)
Weight120lbs (54kgs)
Associated BrandsLabellamafia
HobbiesExercising, spending time in nature, camping, hiking, martial arts, boxing, saving endangered animals, socializing
Social Profile LinksTwitter, Instagram, Facebook

Career of a fitness model

Alice worked numerous jobs throughout the years without having a goal, and without knowing what she wanted to focus on.

This changed when she turned 25 and learned about all the fitness models who are popular on Instagram – Alice was embarrassed by her physique seeing their pictures and decided to turn her life around.

She paid her monthly subscription at a local gym in 2010 and had five training sessions each week. The main thing she wanted to achieve was to sculpt her body so that she could be confident about it, however, as she fell in love with exercising, Alice decided to start entering fitness competitions.

Alice Matos

The first on her list was the 2011 Arnold Classic held in Ohio – her score was not notable, but it motivated Alice to train even harder. She entered the 2012 Arnold Classic next year, won sixth place, and then won fifth place at the 2012 IFBB Brazilian Championship.

Alice made her dreams come true in 2015 when she won first place at the IFBB-SC Catarinense Championship – finally satisfied with her career as a fitness competitor, Alice decided not to compete anymore, but rather focus on her career as a fitness model.

She got to sign with a prestigious Brazilian modelling agency, and has since appeared on the cover pages of numerous popular fitness magazines, and has been featured in ads and commercials for bikini brands and worldwide-known clothing companies.

Alice has launched her own clothing line called Labellamafia.

Alice’s training and diet plans

Alice has five training sessions at the gym each week, doing her exercises in sets of three, each having 15 repetitions. She takes the weekends off, but will participate in sports rather than do nothing – Alice works on her lower body on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and on her upper body on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She is also a practitioner of Muay Thai.

When it comes to her diet, Alice eats six times per day, so that she has the energy required for her exercises. She is very dedicated to leading a healthy lifestyle, which is why she doesn’t eat anything with sugar, avoids fast food, and any food with too much fat.

Foods which her meals are usually made of are eggs, chicken breast, pasta, vegetables, and fruits – her intake of supplements consists of glutamine, whey protein, and casein protein among others.

Love life and relationships

Alice was rumored to be dating a man in 2014 whom she worked out with at the gym – the two were preparing together for their competitions, and their friendship soon turned into something more. They were together until mid-2015 when Alice chose not to compete anymore.

She is now married to Giuliano Puga, the creative director of her clothing line Labellamafia, since November 2014. The couple doesn’t have any children yet, at least, not according to reports.​

Hobbies and other interests

It might appear that Alice’s only interests are working out and posing in front of the camera, but there are numerous other things she enjoys doing.

Alice likes spending her free time in nature, surrounded by trees, sand, or next to the sea – she often goes camping and hiking with her closest friends. She is an animal lover, and is actively fighting to save endangered animals from extinction – she doesn’t have a pet dog or cat, only because she doesn’t have time to take good care of one.

She is not much of a party girl but still enjoys going to a club and drinking with her friends.

Alice Matos

Alice is still very fond of sports, and is a martial artist, while she also has two boxing classes every week.

Appearance and net worth

  • Long brown hair
  • Brown eyes
  • Height 5ft 2ins (1.57m)
  • Weight 120lbs (54kgs)
  • Measurements 35-25-37
  • Shoe size seven

Her net worth is about $1 million.

Social media presence

Alice has carved out a thriving online career for herself, maintaining an active presence across various social media platforms.

Her Twitter journey began in August 2015, garnering over 2,600 followers with approximately 60 tweets. However, it appears that this platform has taken a backseat, as evident from her last tweet on 23 August 2015. In contrast, Alice boasts a significant following of almost two million on her Instagram account, showcasing a rich portfolio of over 2,500 pictures. Additionally, she oversees a busy Facebook page with 273,000 dedicated fans.

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