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Net Worth$16 Million
Date Of BirthMay 20, 1968
SpouseAlexis Knief, Timothy Olyphant
MarkGrits his teeth when he speaks
FactIs very good friends with Conan O'Brien and is a frequent guest on his talk show.
  • Alexis Knief is primarily recognized as Timothy Olyphant’s spouse.
  • Born on 1 January 1970, in California, they share three children.
  • Their relationship began in high school, leading to marriage in 1991.
  • The couple humorously addresses divorce rumors and maintains privacy.
  • Alexis has no public social media and her net worth is estimated at $1 million as of 2024.

Who is Alexis Knief?

Born under the earth sign of Capricorn on 1 January 1970, at an unspecified location in California, USA, Alexis Knief is a 54-year-old American actress but is perhaps best known for being the better half of actor/producer Timothy Olyphant. Upon meeting the love of her life, she developed an interest in acting, but never actually landed any major roles that would make her a star.

Timothy, on the other hand, is known for being featured in several popular movies and TV shows, such as “Deadwood”, “Gone in 60 Seconds”, “Rango”, “Catch and Release” and others.

Alexis’ love for Timothy dates back to their high school days when they first became friends. Eventually, their love grew, culminating in marriage in 1991, with their beautiful children joining them later on. Despite being the wife of a famous actor, Alexis prefers to stay out of the public eye, which is why not much is known about her.

Early Life and Education: Growing Up in California

Alexis was born into an American family in The Golden State. There is not much information about her parents and early life across any credible sources, a clear sign of professionalism by Knief, as she refuses to let anything from her private life be revealed.

Ever since it became known that she and Timothy were a couple, she has been bombarded with inquiries about the early years of her life but has politely refused to give an answer to any and all questions involving said matter.

There is also no available information about her high school education, but we do know that she matriculated from an unspecified institution near her birthplace in 1988. The same year, she enrolled at the University of Southern California, where she majored in an undisclosed subject. It is unclear whether she completed her studies or if she dropped out.

Full NameAlexis Knief
Known ForBeing the spouse of actor/producer Timothy Olyphant
Date of Birth1 January 1970
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Place of BirthCalifornia, USA
EducationAttended the University of Southern California (details on major and completion are unclear)
SpouseTimothy Olyphant (married in 1991)
ChildrenThree – Grace Catherine, Henry, and Vivian
Height5ft 8in (173cm)
Hair ColorBlond
Eye ColorDark Brown
Net WorthApproximately $1 million as of 2024
OccupationKnown as a celebrity spouse; no public occupation details available
Social Profile LinksNo official social media presence; appears occasionally on her husband’s social media feeds

How Did She and Timothy End Up Meeting?

There are conflicting reports on this subject, but the most credible story is that the two met in high school. Initially, they were just friends for several years, however, at a certain point they realized it was futile to deny the mutual attraction which had already become more than evident.

They officially started dating in 1990 and it didn’t take them long to realize they were meant for each other, and just a few months later they entered matrimony in a private ceremony, held on a beach at sunset, with only their families and closest friends being in attendance. It seems fitting that they chose this approach to marriage, given the fact that they are both private people.

Even though they wanted to have children immediately, they decided to wait because Timothy had a hectic work schedule during the 1990s, rendering him unable to spend time with his children. In 1999 they had their first child, a girl they named Grace Catherine. Two years later, Alexis gave birth to their son Henry, and in 2003 they had another daughter they named Vivian.

Timothy Olyphant and Alexis Knief

Rumors of Divorce

Even though there wasn’t a shred of evidence suggesting that their marriage was falling apart, the media began spreading rumors about their imminent divorce. As the gossip became unbridled, Timothy voiced his concerns and told them to stop it. So, what was the reason for this malicious wave of false news?

Did they cheat on one another or was there something else? Funnily, nothing actually happened. The whole thing started when reporters and paparazzi noticed that Timothy was wearing his wedding ring on his right hand, in contrast with the custom that says it is to be worn on the left.

Because of that small detail, some thought that they were having problems. ‘Even though I found it annoying at first, Alexis and I shared a laugh about the whole situation’, said Timothy. ‘I just find it more comfortable on my right hand, that’s all there is to it.’

Even More Rumors About Divorce!

After the whole ruckus with Timothy’s wedding ring being on the wrong hand, one would think that these two have had enough of the word “divorce”. However, he and Alexis are known jokesters, so they weren’t going to let it go.

When Timothy was nominated for an Emmy Award for his role as Raylan Givens in “Justified”, Alexis helped him prepare a speech. Unfortunately for him, Kyle Chandler ended up winning the award, in spite of the fact that Timothy was the favorite.

Thus, the world was robbed of a chance to hear Olyphant joking about, you’ve guessed it – divorce! If he had won, he would have started the speech with the following line: ‘I’m going to look at [the trophy] and then look out at my wife of twenty years and say – Well, honey, this is it. I’m finally leaving you.’ This was clearly an attempt to fool around with the media, and who can blame them? If reporters can spread false rumors about their private lives, they have the right to mess with them as well.

What About Timothy’s Sex Scene?

During filming for one of his movies, Timothy found himself in a sex scene, which predictably stirred the media’s curiosity about his marriage to Alexis.

Addressing inquiries about the scene during a formal event, Timothy offered a reassuring perspective: “Alexis is incredibly astute, understanding that my on-screen work is purely professional. Such moments are trivial in the grand scheme of our relationship.”

Their partnership stands as a testament to the resilience of love, forged through continuous efforts to nurture both themselves and their bond. Reflecting on their connection, Timothy remarked, “In the world of Hollywood, finding a bond as flawless as ours is a rare gem.”

Body Measurements: How Tall is Alexis Knief?

Alexis Knief is 5ft 8in (173cm) tall, and while there is no information about her other measurements, by looking at all the photos of her and Timothy from various formal events, it’s obvious that she works out, given the fact that she has a slim build. With blond hair and dark brown eyes, Alexis makes regular appearances on “The most beautiful celebrity spouses”, and rightfully so.

Net Worth: How Rich is Alexis Knief?

Curious about the true extent of Alexis’s wealth? Well, according to credible sources, her net worth stands around $1 million as of 2024. While the specifics of her wealth accumulation remain undisclosed, speculation suggests diversified investments might be at play.

Maintaining her characteristic privacy, Alexis refrains from discussing her financial status or its origins. In contrast, her husband boasts a staggering $20 million fortune, a figure that speaks volumes about his successful ventures.

Social Media Presence

Alexis seems to effortlessly navigate the digital realm with a nonchalant air, despite the absence of any official social media presence bearing her name across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Instead, glimpses of her life emerge sporadically through her husband’s social media feeds and during formal occasions. Her impeccable fashion sense has garnered praise from numerous magazines and tabloids, resulting in a cascade of images flooding social media feeds shortly after.

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General Info

Full NameTimothy Olyphant
Net Worth$16 Million
Date Of BirthMay 20, 1968
Height1.83 m
ProfessionTelevision producer, Voice Actor
EducationUniversity of Southern California, Fred C. Beyer High School, University of Southern California


SpouseAlexis Knief, Timothy Olyphant
ChildrenVivian Olyphant, Grace Olyphant, Henry Olyphant, Grace Olyphant, Vivian Olyphant, Henry Olyphant
ParentsKatherine Olyphant, John Vernon Bevan Olyphant
SiblingsMatt Olyphant, Andy Olyphant


AwardsSatellite Award for Best Actor – Television Series Drama, Critics' Choice Television Award for Best Guest Performer in a Comedy Series, Young Hollywood Award for Best Bad Boy
NominationsPrimetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, Critics' Choice Television Award for Best Actor in a Drama Series, Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series, TCA Award for Individual Achievement in Drama, Genie Award for Best Performanc...
MoviesHitman, The Crazies, I Am Number Four, Live Free or Die Hard, A Perfect Getaway, Catch and Release, The Girl Next Door, Mother's Day, Rango, Snowden, A Man Apart, Scream 2, Dreamcatcher, Gone in 60 Seconds, This Is Where I Leave You, Stop-Loss, Rock Star, The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy, E...
TV ShowsJustified, Damages, Deadwood, High Incident, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Santa Clarita Diet, Fire in the Hole

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