Who is Jionni LaValle?

American TV producer and reality show star Jionni LaValle was born in East Hanover, New Jersey USA on 20 March 1987, making Pisces his zodiac sign, and he’s of Italian descent. He’s perhaps known best for being the husband of American TV personality and social media star Nicole Elizabeth LaValle (nee Polizzi), also known as Snooki.

Jionni’s also known for producing the 2016 reality show “Nicole & Jionni’s Shore Flip”, in which he starred alongside his wife and Joshua Altman, and which follows Jionni and Nicole as they’re flipping homes on the Jersey Shore.

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Education and early life

Jionni and his two siblings were raised in East Hanover by their father Joe LaValle and mother Janis, but not many details have been shared about his parents because he respects their privacy; Jionni’s siblings also prefer to stay away from media, but it’s believed that they’re today involved in the real estate industry.

Jionni was into a number of activities while attending a local high school, as he was on the school’s football team, ran track and appeared in a couple of school plays.

He matriculated in 2005 and then enrolled at Centenary College, dreaming of becoming a high school teacher; Jionni graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 2009.

Jionni’s career

Jionni’s an entrepreneur, and is today the owner of his own Etsy shop LaValle’s Man Cave, which sells golf merchandise.

He’s also the owner of several ATM businesses in the USA.

Appearances in reality TV shows

In 2011 and 2012, Jionni appeared in 20 episodes of the romantic comedy “Jersey Shore”, which starred his wife Nicole, Sammi ‘Sweetheart’ Giancola and Paul ‘Pauly D’ DelVecchio, and was created by SallyAnn Salsano and Anthony Beltempo. It follows a group of people in their 20s as they’re trying to succeed in New Jersey, and the show won three of its 15 award nominations.

Jionni was featured in the 2013 episode “Switch-Up Challenge” of the reality competition show “Dancing with the Stars” (audience member), and from 2012 through 2015, he starred in the reality show “Snooki & JWoww”, which also starred his wife Nicole and Jenni Farley, and follows Nicole and Jenni as they’re ‘taking over Jersey City’.

In 2016, Jionni appeared in an episode of the not-so-popular news show “The Insider”, which aired from 2004 through 2017, and was hosted by Michael Yo and Keltie Knight. It aimed to cover all of the latest entertainment and celebrity news, and the show was nominated for a 2016 Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Entertainment News Program.

Jionni’s been credited with appearing in only three episodes of his and his wife’s 2016 reality show “Nicole & Jionni’s Shore Flip”, which aired nine episodes.

YouTube channel

Jionni doesn’t have his own YouTube channel, but as he and his wife are reality TV stars, numerous videos featuring them have been posted onto the network by other users, and some of these have been watched more than a million times. Most show Jionni and Nicole during their everyday lives, whether they’re arguing about something, travelling around the US or spending time with their friends, and we’re about to cover the three most viewed videos amongst these, which’ve contributed to Jionni’s popularity on the internet.

His #1 video “Jionni Breaks Up With Snooki | Jersey Shore” was uploaded by Jersey Shore on 20 January 2020, and has been watched more than 2.3 million times; it features the time when Jionni broke up with Nicole on the show “Jersey Shore”.

Jionni’s second most popular video “OUR WEDDING VIDEO | THE LAVALLE’S” was uploaded onto Nicole’s YouTube channel “Nicole Polizzi” on 9 August 2018, and has since been viewed close to two million times; it features Jionni and Nicole exchanging vows. Nicole’s quite popular on the network and her channel’s today subscribed to by over 950,000 people, while all her 443 videos combined have been watched more than 76 million times.

Jionni’s third most popular video – “Snooki Embarrasses Jionni | Jersey Shore” – has been watched more than 1.2 million times since 17 February 2020, when it was uploaded by Jersey Shore; it’s an embarrassing situation which happened between Jionni and Nicole on the reality show.

Love life and marriage

Jionni and Nicole began dating either in 2010 or 2011, and in March 2012 announced that they were engaged. Nicole gave birth to their son Lorenzo Dominic LaValle on 26 August 2012; she often uploaded pictures of her pregnancy’s progress onto her social media networks, and the boy was thus already popular before he was born. In March 2013, Nicole was featured on the cover page of the magazine “US Weekly”, revealing how she lost 42lbs (19kgs) post pregnancy.

She gave birth to their daughter Giovanna Marie LaValle on 26 September 2014, and Jionni and Nicole then married on 29 November 2014; she gave birth to their second son Angelo James LaValle on 30 May 2019.

There are no other women whom Jionni’s perhaps been with, that we know about; he’s married to Nicole as of July 2023, and they have three children together.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Jionni’s a fan of tattoos and has a large one inked onto his left arm.

Jionni has a muscular body, mostly thanks to him working out at the gym five to six times a week.

More than 1.2 million people are following Jionni on Instagram, and he’s uploaded more than 1,300 pictures and videos onto the network, with most showing him spending time with his children.

He likes fishing and yachting, which is perhaps why summer’s his favorite season.

Jionni’s a huge fan of sports, and his oldest son has recently begun playing baseball.

One of his favorite actors is John Cena, and some of Jionni’s favorite movies include “Playing with Fire”, “12 Rounds” and “Fred: The Movie”.

Height, eyes and wealth

Jionni’s age is 36. He has brown hair and eyes, is 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall and weighs around 165lbs (75kgs).

Jionni’s net worth’s been estimated at over $2 million, as of July 2023.

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