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Depending on your age or interests, the name Duke Dennis might not ring any bells. Nevertheless, his gaming channel has made him one of the most popular YouTubers amongst Gen Z, and with over a million subscribers, he’s not going away anytime soon.

The media personality was born in the USA on 26th February 1994; Duke created his first channel, Duke Dennis Gaming, in February 2013, but three and a half years would pass before he uploaded his first video, “NBA 2K17 DROPPED 19 ON SUPERSTAR HEAD – BEST JUMPSHOT IN NBA 2K17”. Despite a slow start, Duke eventually hit the ground running and was uploading regularly, even joining the AMP collective to reach a wider audience.

The YouTuber currently has three channels – the second one, simply entitled Duke Dennis, is used for vlogs or other miscellaneous videos, whereas DukeDennis LIVE is the home of his livestreams and stream highlights.

In April 2020, he hit a huge milestone with over a million subscribers on his main channel. Since then, his online presence has gone from strength to strength, and people aren’t just interested in his gaming videos: they want to know more about his goals, personal life, and other anecdotes.

AMP Collective

The AMP gaming collective was founded in October 2019 and is made up of six members: Kai Cenat, Roberto (JustFanum), Davis (ImDavisss), Chris (ChrisNxtDoor), Din Muktar (Agent 00), and Duke. The collective’s founding members are Duke, JustFanum, Agent 00, and ImDavisss. Kai was the last member to join in mid-2020.

AMP stands for “Any Means Possible” but is often mistaken for “Apply More Pressure”. The members mostly upload gaming challenge videos but also take time to answer fan questions; in one of their most popular videos, “AMP Road Trip”, each member considered who they’d ask to join the collective. Some of the names mentioned were Flight, JiDion, Bruce, and YourRAGE, all gaming YouTubers who are friends with the collective. Bruce, who is part of the YouTube gaming organization OTK, has frequently been asked whether he’d leave OTK and join AMP in the wake of his gaming colleague Mizkif’s racial and sexual assault allegations.

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Kai Cenat, who was born in December 2001, is by and large the most popular member of AMP and has been credited with bringing publicity to the collective since he went viral on Twitch and YouTube. The content creator was named “Streamer of the Year” at the 2023 Streamer Awards and became the most-subscribed Twitch streamer of all time in February 2023.

Raised in The Bronx, Kai began uploading prank and challenge videos in early 2018 and joined AMP after being discovered by Fanum. In February 2021, he began spending more and more time on Twitch, which was gaining popularity amongst the streaming community. 2022 saw him include a number of celebrity guests on his streams such as Lil Baby, Bobby Shmurda, and 21 Savage; these days, he earns an estimated five figures a month from his videos.

In April 2023, Kai confirmed that he had been banned from Twitch for unspecified reasons. Nevertheless, the livestreamer made the most of the incident and announced the “Kai ‘N Speed Show” just a month later.

As for the other members of the AMP collective, Agent 00 is by far the most productive, with other 900 videos uploaded since 2013. ImDavisss has been active on the video platform since 2015 and reached a million subscribers in June 2020, with Fanum following close behind; meanwhile, ChrisNxtDoor is the collective’s quietest member and doesn’t have a set upload schedule.

Personal Life

Duke has only been linked to one person so far, and that would be the Georgia rapper Kaliii (birth name Kaliya Ashley Ross). Of Panamanian descent, Kaliii began rapping at just 12 years old when she struck a deal with her father, and wrote a 13-song project in order to have her own bedroom.

Kaliii began gaining traction when her 2020 single, “Do a B*tch”, went viral on TikTok. Her debut mixtape, “This Why They Mad Now”, was released in 2021 and featured songs with Rico Nasty and other rappers. In November of the same year, she remixed her song “MMM MMM” with Latto and Moneybagg Yo, who have both been making waves in the music industry since 2020.

February 2022 saw Kaliii tour with Latto and fellow rappers Asianae and Saucy Santana as one of the opening acts. A month later, she commemorated International Women’s Day with the release of her single, “Standards”; shortly afterwards, she released a second mixtape full of features from Yung Bleu, Muni Long, Bia, and other artists.

After being selected as part of the 2022 XXL Freshman Class, Kaliii’s star kept rising. In April 2023, her single, “Area Codes”, went viral and was eventually certified gold, peaking at #33 on the US music charts. Such was the success of “Area Codes” that Kaliii was asked to be part of the “Barbie” album.

The rapper’s musical influences include Aaliyah, Cardi B, and Nicki Minaj. Kaliii is known for her carefree lyrics and isn’t one to take herself seriously; many fans have wondered if some of her lyrics are aimed at Duke, but as neither like to kiss and tell, we’ll likely never know the ins and outs of their relationship.

Rumors of Duke and Kaliii dating began in summer 2022. A YouTube video entitled “Duke Dennis Reacts To Him Getting Exposed For Dating Rapper Kali” was uploaded by Duke himself in late August 2022. As it happens, the 13-minute video did little more than confirm what thousands of netizens had been speculating for weeks.

After being discovered, Duke and Kaliii kept their relationship as lowkey as always and weren’t seen or photographed together. It’s unclear when or why the couple broke up, but Duke interviewed the artist – described in the title as his ex-girlfriend – in June 2023. As it stands, Duke and Kaliii remain on good terms, and the YouTuber is one of her biggest supporters, knowing every one of her songs by heart and often rapping them on his livestreams.

Duke is 6ft 2in (187cm) tall and weighs approximately 75kgs (165lbs). Amazingly, he’s worth $4 million thanks to paid ads and revenue from his YouTube channels, online competitions, brand deals, and his own clothing line.

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