There’s a lot to be said about Aaron Kaufman, especially good things. Ever since rising to fame on the screen of “Fast N’ Loud”, Aaron had built quite a brilliant career both as a car builder and TV personality. By starring in his own shows “Aaron Needs A Job” and “Shifting Gears”, he steadily became one of the most recognizable names for car enthusiasts everywhere.

While it isn’t surprising that Aaron eventually started his auto shop and a couple of other profitable projects, did any of these businesses make him rich? Is he actually living a life of luxury these days as many people have come to believe?

Stay to know the truth about the many rumors surrounding Aaron Kaufman’s finances, what is going on with his business, and the reason he isn’t on TV anymore.

Is Aaron Kaufman Rich?

According to online reports, Aaron Kaufman has an estimated net worth of $8 million, resulting from his stints on TV and as an owner of the automotive business Arclight Fabrication. Nevertheless, it’s fair to question these estimations, as many hints coming from Aaron’s social media have made us believe that his financial situation is different from what it’s believed to be.

As it happened, in early 2022, Aaron left Texas to establish himself in Colorado to pursue a career as a motorsport racer, but moving states was apparently challenging for him in many ways. As Aaron answered a fan under an Instagram post from 2023, in recent times he’s been ‘very careful’ with his finances, on top of also opening up about not having an appropriate place to store all of his cars. Nonetheless, in all of these posts, Aaron has also hinted to be working on setting up a new shop, and making his new home in Colorado a comfortable one.

While this doesn’t mean that Aaron is going through a challenging financial moment, it seems he’s not living a life of luxury either, as is often believed, and is instead following his passions while working hard.

What Is Aaron Doing These Days?

Since moving to Colorado, Aaron Kaufman has been busily pursuing a career as a racer, and other side automotive-related projects. In an Instagram post from April 2023, Aaron listed ‘weather, 14k mountains, slower pace of life’ as some of the things he loves the most about his new hometown, seemingly explaining why he moved out of Texas.

It isn’t surprising for Aaron to search for a different lifestyle away from the Lone Star State, especially given how he’s found a welcoming place in Colorado to follow his passion for dirt racing. Aaron’s love for motorsports isn’t any news though, as in the past decade he had already taken part in big events such as the Sand Sports Super Show and Stadium Super Trucks Night.

By re-awakening his passion for fast cars, Aaron has also been able to explore new things about this sport, which he didn’t have an opportunity to do before: ‘I really haven’t had an ability to focus on any one discipline. However, after racing many different cars, I can’t imagine being locked into just one,’ he wrote in an Instagram comment, which is the only social media he’s using these days.

Overall, Aaron seems to be doing really great where he is now.

What Happened To His Shop?

Though opening a business it’s one dream come true for many including Aaron Kaufman, the fate of his shop Arclight Fabrication is unfortunately unknown these days.

The last time we got some news about his business was back in December 2021, when Aaron alongside his formerly Texas-based business were featured in a short documentary video on YouTube – “The Road” by Restomod Air. At that point, Arclight Fabrication’s social media accounts had been on a hiatus for at least a year, unsurprisingly progressively disappearing from Aaron’s social feeds as well. Later, Arclight Fabrication’s website also became inactive.

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Fast forward to early 2023, Aaron confirmed that Arclight Fabrication moved to Colorado as well. Though on Instagram he talked about having a ‘big setback’ which stopped him from working for months, Aaron has talked about being in the process of building a new shop ‘from the ground’, and releasing new merchandise once Arclight Fabrication is up and running again. With that being said, it isn’t clear what car-building and fabrication projects Aaron has been working on, as he waits for his new shop to be ready.

It’s unknown when exactly Aaron is planning on opening his business again, but it’s great to know he and his business aren’t over.

Why Did Aaron Leave “Fast N’ Loud”?

For several years, “Fast N’ Loud” remained one of the most famous and successful car-flipping TV series, by showing the whole world how incredible the talents of Gas Monkey Garage’s crew were. That’s why it was shocking and sad for the top builder and fan favorite Aaron Kaufman to go away from the show in late 2016.

Despite the suddenness of the situation and contrary to the usual secrecy with which TV professional break-ups are usually handled, it didn’t take long for Aaron to open up about his reasons for leaving the show and Gas Monkey Garage altogether.

As he affirmed during an interview with Art Of Gears in 2017, the tight work schedules and demands made by “Fast N’ Loud” production took a toll on his enjoyment of working in Gas Monkey Garage, as the projects he worked on became increasingly misaligned from his passion as an automotive builder.

Just as he grew less content with his job, the several creative and professional disagreements he had working there eventually led to his resignation. It wasn’t a negative decision on his part though, as right away he established his Arclight Fabrication business, and landed his first TV show “Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman” just months later.

When Will He Come Back To TV

Unfortunately, it seems that Aaron Kaufman isn’t returning to TV anytime soon. Though questions regarding his comeback to the entertainment world are brought up more often than not by his social media followers, in February 2023, Aaron revealed on Instagram that he doesn’t have any plans of appearing on TV, nor working with Discovery anymore.

While the revelation of having no professional relationships with Discovery might be surprising for his casual followers, the differences in opinion between Aaron and his former show’s producers aren’t something new. Back in 2018, D Magazine reported that Discovery had a hard time convincing Aaron accepting coming back to TV, even if the opportunity of starring on a TV show would have been just too good to say ‘no’ for anyone else.

That being said, Aaron’s professional goals aren’t linked to being a TV star. As he told Art Of Gears in 2017, he received offers to star in his own show right after he left “Fast N’ Loud”, but his choice not to accept right away was fueled by his desire to deliver great work without compromising its quality for TV’s sake.

Although it’s unclear whether Aaron and Discovery are on unfriendly terms, it seems that the possibility of seeing him on TV again is very unlikely.

Future Projects

Even if Aaron Kaufman might not be returning to TV, there’s a chance that he might be creating other types of content for his fans to follow. As Aaron wrote in response to an Instagram follower in 2023, he isn’t interested in joining YouTube to share original content, but instead would only use the site to share previews of his show, ultimately making this available only on his website, if it ever becomes a real project.

Though Aaron left that possibility open, he didn’t say he would be taking the online content creation route for sure. Regardless, his fans have shown lots of interest in seeing Aaron’s motorsports adventures up close, thus making it a highly possible topic of choice if he ever decides to start an online show.

Nevertheless, in recent years Aaron hasn’t shied away from the public eye either, gaining brief features in online projects such as “FASTR” on YouTube, and attending the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) events as a celebrity guest.

It might be harder to get a hold of Aaron Kaufman these days than it was when he was a TV star, but it’s for sure that he’s doing well regardless of the difficulties he’s encountered along the way.

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