• Aaron Goodwin is an American paranormal investigator, reality TV star, and executive producer.
• He is best known for his work on the show “Ghost Adventures” on the Travel Channel.
• He has overcome unhealthy eating habits to lose weight and currently weighs under 200lbs.
• He is also the owner of Big Steppin clothing and accessories brand, as well as sellers of paintings, autographed items from his collection and artwork.
• He has accumulated a net worth of over $1.5 million from his various engagements.

He is known as the man who comes face to face with ghosts, with his job as a reality TV star. If you have watched an episode of the TV series “Ghost Adventures” on the Travel Channel, the name Aaron Goodwin might sound quite familiar. You might have seen his potentially dangerous travels into the unknown and supernatural world, being the person left behind to capture the presence of a ghost in different locations. He’s person who has brought elements of suspense and surprise, as he dives into a field that is quite unfamiliar, therefore interesting to the audience. He’s often recognizes him as the man who got three scratches on his back during one of his famous ghost hunts in the Preston Castle show.

Early life, family, educational background

Aaron Goodwin is an American national, and his zodiac sign is Aries as he was born on 1 April – “Fools Day” – in 1976 in Portland, Oregon, USA, but his interest in filming was the main reason for his move to Vegas.. There are no records of his childhood and family, however, Goodwin has recently posted a photo featuring him and his sister Amy Goodwin. According to sources, Aaron is a proud uncle of two girls.


Aaron Goodwin has become famous as a paranormal investigator, nevertheless, he has been involved in many more projects, as the 42-year-old TV star has followed his lifelong dream to work in the film industry.

Before his involvement with the show “Ghost Adventures”, Goodwin worked as a cameraman for the “Ultimate Fighting Championship” and hosted TV shows including “The Perfect Shot with Aaron Goodwin” and “My Hometown with Aaron Goodwin” in 2003. Aaron was engaged in “Malevolence: during its debut in 2004, and his career was marked by his appearances in “The Late Show with James Corden”, “Today”, “ABS News Nightline”, and “Deadly Possessions”. He has starred in the spin-off from “Ghost Adventures’ – “Serial Killer Spirits”, and is also one of the executive producers of Swamp Media Group. Some of his professional experience includes his work in “Space Detectives”. As well as his multiple involvements in the film industry, Aaron Goodwin has his own Big Steppin clothing and accessories brand, as well as sellers of paintings, autographed items from his collection and artwork.

Aaron Goodwin

“Ghost Adventures”

Aaron Goodwin appeared in the pilot episode of the show which aired in 2008, and marked the beginning of his reality star career as a paranormal investigator. The show features exciting potentially haunted locations that are explored by Zak Bagans and his crew, including Billy Tolley, Jay Wasley and of course the man who always bravely takes the initiative to be left behind alone with the (supposed) ghost, to attempt to establish a connection with the spirits, and collect evidentiary materials. The team interviews people who have come across a ghostly presence, and potentially experienced paranormal occurrences; their job also involves overnight in the ‘haunted’ place.

Goodwin was assigned to handle the equipment among other engagements, since he is one of the crew members who has experience working with the camera. The ultimate goal is to attract a reaction from possibly supernatural disturbance, and provide enough material to prove a paranormal existence or non-existence in the haunted location. The show can be followed on the Travel Channel. Before the Travel Channel took over the show, the primary idea was to produce a stand-alone independent film, which of course didn’t happen, as it was transformed into a series which premiered in October 2009, and has run to 21 seasons and more than 200 episodes. Goodwin began his career as part of the cast in the show, and became famous through his appearances from 2008 to 2018, and meanwhile in the “Aftershocks” spin-off series. According to sources, he captured the attention of the audience as an immediately likable person.

Rumors surfaced in July 2014 about possible dismissal of Aaron Godwin from the TV series, supposedly because of his statements during an interview on “Are we alone”; he allegedly said: ‘If we film all night long and came back with uneventful material, they make us go back, and act out scene so they have turned us into liars’, implying that to a certain level the TV series is simply fictional. Although the news seemed quite realistic containing statements from the Travel Channel, Goodwin denied the rumors calling upon his audience to not believe the false alarm. Goodwin wasn’t fired, and according to sources he will remain part of the show if it continues.

Personal life, wife

Aaron Goodwin was married to Sheena – the couple tied the knot at the beginning of filming “Ghost Adventures”, but the marriage wasn’t stable – Goodwin blamed the supernatural forces and their influence on his personal life. He allegedly mentioned that they had to split up to protect her well-being and spare her the trauma. Goodwin blamed the supernatural for the failure of his marriage during his appearance at Bobby Mackey`s Music World. However, the former spouses remain on good terms, as Aaron shared a photo on Twitter with Sheena, demonstrating their friendship.

In the summer of 2018, he posted a photo of a woman who according to his caption is more than a friend. He then announced that he was in a relationship with a woman who he has known for a longer period, and at the end of October Goodwin posted a photo on Instagram announcing their engagement.

Social Media

He is very active on Instagram, using it to share photos from his everyday life, private and professional. Goodwin is also active on Twitter and on Facebook.

Appearance, clothing style

Aaron Goodwin had a remarkable transformation of his physical appearance. He used to have a problem with unhealthy eating habits, as he was a fan of mochas and fast food, which lead to his problem with weight, almost 255 pounds when he began his career. He adopted healthy food as part of his everyday life, and although he’s not seen as the greatest fan of exercise, he lost quite a lot of weight with diet. According to sources he currently weighs under 200lbs (90kgs), and stands at 6ft 3ins (1.9m). Aaron has dark-brown eyes and dark brown hair, and a black beard.

Net worth and salary

Aaron Goodwin has good professional experience and has built an interesting career, thus has accumulated a net worth of over $1.5 million that comes from reality television, as well as his other engagements. He is a published writer, and has earnings from the purchases of his book.

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